Get to know us

We started as a small group of Central Coast dog enthusiasts just getting out into the bush with our dogs. We are all ages, all shapes, all levels of fitness, and our dogs are the same. We believe in giving our dogs as much biological fulfillment as possible. We provide a safe environment for everyone to enjoy all the benefits of our awesome activities.

Did I mention that we love our dogs?

Our mission

To enhance the lives of dogs and their humans by participating in canihiking and canicross.

Our vision

We want to see dogs (and their humans) live better lives. Our goal is to get you off the couch, off the streets, and into the forest. We want to see more people hiking and running in our local State Forests. We want to work with local communities to look after and clean up forgotten bushland areas. We want to learn more about the land on which we run. We want to see more young people getting into our sport. We want to see large fun dog centered events. We want people to see just how much dogs can do for us. We want to see a greater acceptance of dogs integrating into our communities.

Our usual forests

Our Committee

Our strength lies in our individuality.

We are here for our dogs.

We are here for you, and your dogs.

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Tori Acres
Penny Flint


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