Vaccination enforcement framework


The following information is to enhance the existing vaccination requirements as set out in the AFSS rules. The amendment to the rules has been deemed necessary due to the actions of a member of the Australian Sleddog Sports community.

a) All dogs attending any AFSS affiliated event must have a minimum C3 yearly or tri-annual vaccination; this can include Titre results no older than 12 months. Additionally all attending dogs must have a current Kennel Cough vaccination.

b) Spot checks of vaccination certificates will be carried out at driver check-in to ensure enough time is given prior to competition.

a. If you cannot provide supporting documentation the RGO has the right to refuse entry or will provide 48 hours to post race to provide supporting documentation.

b. Failure to provide documentation within the 48-hour period will result in a 24-month ban from AFSS affiliated races.

c. The non-conformance case will be forwarded to any/all RGO’s and other governing bodies.

d. No spot checks will be carried out after check-in is completed.

c) All AFSS affiliated race entries will include a self assessment tick box;

a. Have you met all vaccination requirements? Yes No




b. False information will result in a 24-month ban Agree - Yes

d) It is recommended that Clubs maintain a vaccination register of their members as repeated contact is prevalent at a local level. Reducing the risk at club training/events minimises but does not negate all transient exposure external to those events.

e) The following information is a guide to AFSS vaccination requirement

a. Owner name

b. Address

c. Dog name

d. Sex

e. DOB/approx. age where DOB is unknown

f. Microchip number

g. Vaccine type

h. Vaccination date

i. Vaccine number/ID/Serial