short-coated brown dog
short-coated brown dog

Frequently asked questions

  1. What is canicross?

    Canicross is a sport that involves running or jogging with your dog while both of you are harnessed and connected by a bungee line. It is a great way to exercise and bond with your canine companion.

  2. What is canihiking?

    Canihiking is basically the same as Canicross, but instead of running, you walk with your dog while both of you are harnessed and connected by a bungee line.

  3. Do I need any special equipment for canicross? Yes, you will need a few essential items for canicross. These include a specially designed canicross harness for your dog, a waist belt for yourself, and a bungee line that connects the two. Good-quality running shoes and appropriate clothing are also recommended. The club is hoping to have some equipment to loan out so you can try it.

  4. Do I need any special equipment for canihiking?

    Yes, and no. For "proper" canihiking your dog will pull you just like canicross, so you will need the same equipment (the human hiking/trekking belts usually have greater padding and are more comfortable). If you want to come along for a hike and your dog doesn't pull, or you don't want your dog to pull, just use what you normally would use on a walk. It's a great way to participate and see the difference doing it "cani" style can make. The club is hoping to have some equipment to loan out so you can try it.

  5. Can any dog participate in canicross?

    Most dogs can participate in canicross, regardless of their breed or size. However, it's important to ensure that your dog is in good health and physically capable of running. It's advisable to consult with your veterinarian before starting any new exercise regimen (yeah, we need to put that in).

  6. How do I train my dog for canicross?

    Training your dog for canicross involves building their endurance and teaching them basic commands such as "Go," "Stop," "Left," and "Right". You can gradually increase the distance and speed of your runs while rewarding your dog for good behavior and focusing on positive reinforcement.

  7. Is canicross suitable for all fitness levels?

    Yes, canicross can be adapted to suit different fitness levels. You can start at a comfortable pace and distance for both you and your dog. Lots of people start by canihiking and gradually increase the intensity as you build stamina and strength.

  8. Are there any safety considerations for canicross? Safety is crucial in canicross. Always ensure that your dog is properly harnessed and that the equipment is in good condition. Start with shorter runs and gradually increase the distance to avoid overexertion. It's also important to check the running conditions, such as the weather and terrain, to ensure they are safe for you and your dog.

  9. Can I participate in canicross competitions?

    Yes, canicross races and competitions are popular in many places around the world. These events provide an opportunity to showcase your skills and compete against other canicross enthusiasts. However, participation in races is optional, and you can enjoy canicross solely as a recreational activity if you prefer. The club as a "race" section where you'll find the current schedule and further information. There are a few dryland mushing clubs that hold events where you can compete in canicross (see some of our links). The club is also hoping to put on some "fun" style events in multiple areas with something for everyone.

  10. Can I do canicross with multiple dogs?

    Yes, canicross can be done with multiple dogs. There are waist belts and bungee lines available that allow you to connect and run with multiple dogs at once. However, make sure you have the physical strength and control to handle multiple dogs effectively. We recommend a limit of 2 small dogs.

  11. Can canicross help with dog behavior issues? Canicross can be a beneficial activity for dogs with excess energy or behavior issues. The structured exercise and mental stimulation can help alleviate behavioral problems caused by boredom or lack of physical activity. However, if your dog has severe behavior issues, it's recommended to consult a professional dog trainer or behaviorist for guidance.

  12. Can children participate in canicross?

    Yes, children can participate in canicross, but it's essential to consider their age, physical ability, and the size of the dog. Younger children may need adult supervision and should start with shorter distances at a comfortable pace. Safety should always be a priority, and children should be taught to handle the dog and equipment responsibly